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Cleaning With Dry Ice

Rent Dry Ice Blasters

  • Not ready to spend thousands on high-tech equipment.

  • Need a one-time-only cleaning application?

  • Want to learn how to do dry ice blasting?

  • Want to check out blast cleaning effectiveness?

  • Then you may want to consider renting first!

  • For an opportunity to see what kind of machine fits your needs best, try renting.


    Many Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Equipment manufacturers offer training and lease-purchase for their equipment, such as Cold Jet. This way, you can try out the different types of equipment before purchasing.

    Rentals included

    Some companies like  Red-D-Arc and Continental Carbonic have many locations across the country offering rentals. Also, Sutton-Garten in Indiana, Cool Blast in South Carolina, MES in Detroit, or Wickens in Canada will rent their equipment. Ask if renting includes some training to use their machine

    Types of Blasters

    Different applications favor different machines. There are many sizes, from lightweights, possible to hoist up ladders, to very heavy workhorses. They all have various nozzles for each kind of application. Again depending upon the need, one blaster may work better than another. Renting before purchasing may be helpful. See our manufacturers page for many different machines.

  • Your experience will help you pick the best blast cleaning equipment.

  • Include your dry ice blast cleaning services or equipment here for new customer contacts.

Professional Companies Offering Rental Services

 World’s Largest Rental Inventory
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Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Equipment
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Cold Jet rentals available at Sutton Garten

At Enviro-Blast, we offer full-service dry ice blasting to a number of different industries.
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Professional Companies Offering Rental Services

We Clean and its Green
Dry ice blasting contract services, machine sales, and rentals.  Serving the industrial, commercial and restoration marketplace throughout the US.

Serving Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Chicago metro areas.
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CO2 Blast Systems
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  We are an eco-friendly industrial services company that specializes in cleaning and maintaining heavy industrial equipment and machinery with an environmentally friendly cleaning application, dry ice blasting.  We rent dry ice blasting equipment,

Wickens Dry Ice Blasting Inc.

Rental packages with  technician or training