See the Advantages of Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting effectively removes oils, adhesives, paints, greases, asphalt tars, rust, soot, biofilms, and carbon deposits.

Dry ice blasting can
  • Elimination of toxic chemicals and emissions
  • Reduction of cleaning solution waste material
  • Prevention of surface degradation from abrasives
  • Often quicker reducing equipment downtime
Due to its effectiveness, dry ice blasting is a preferable method for cleaning equipment for a broad range of industries, including:
  • Aerospace
    The aerospace sector relies on dry ice blasting to remove mastic from parts, clean turbine blades, and clean hydraulics, electrical components and circuitry, and landing gear without dangerous chemicals.
  • Automotive
    Dry ice blasting is ideal for cleaning engine blocks and components, undercarriages, wheels and axles, automotive production equipment, and more.
  • Baking and food processing
    Many often use dry ice blasting to clean food waste and oils from ovens, bins, conveyors, belts, mixers, tubes, fans, seals, and production facility walls.
  • Cannabis and Hemp industries
    Dry ice blasting offers reliable means for removing Food contaminants,  oils, resins, and other waste from ovens, bins, conveyors, belts, dryers, fans, seals, extraction equipment, production facility walls, floors, and other industry-related equipment and facilities. See SoCal Kyro Blasting for more information.
  • Commercial duct and pipe cleaning
    Looking for a fast, easy way to clean impossible-to-reach tight spaces like ductwork and pipes in your plant or facility without shutting down? Turn to Emory Industrial Services for Duct and Pipe Cleaning.
  • Contaminant remediation
    Dry ice blasting offers a reliable means for removing contaminants from production surfaces of all types. See Interstate Carbonic Enterprises for more information.
  • Core box cleaning
    Safely clean core boxes online while reducing downtime, improving product quality, and eliminating the risk of damage. See Cold Jet for more information.
  • Electrical equipment and power plants
    Power generation operations often rely on dry ice blasting to clean oil, residue, and rust from turbines, generators, high voltage insulators, installations, cabinets, switchboards, and high-power engines. Dry ice blasting is also used in nuclear decontamination and for resin removal in the production of transformers.
  • Engineering Wood
    Dry ice blast cleaning will quickly, safely, and effectively clean composite wood production equipment without water, chemicals, or secondary waste.
  • Fire remediation
    Dry ice blasting will remove char, ash, and other damage from usable building components after a fire while also deodorizing surfaces.
  • Foundries and metal production
    Foundries use this process for cleaning molds and press equipment, stripping rust and paint, deburring, cleaning welding robots, removing residue, and much more.
  • Historical restoration
    Dry ice blasting removes paint, mold, smoke stains, soot, years of scum, and other aging effects from any surface. It is a powerful and efficient restoration method for historic homes, buildings, and even cars. See Continental Carbonic Products for more information.
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Dry Ice Blasting Effectively Removes

  • Oils
  • Adhesives
  • Resins
  • Paints
  • Greases
  • Asphalt tars
  • Biofilms
  • Rusts
  • Soot
  • Many deposits, including carbon

Industries Using Dry Ice Blasting

  • Medical and

    Dry ice blasting will maintain stringent sanitation standards demanded in manufacturing for the medical and pharmaceutical fields.
  • Mining 
    Dry ice blasting effectively removes buildup from mining production equipment, enabling it to operate more efficiently while reducing the risk of breakdowns. See Cold Jet for more information.
  • Mold remediation 
    For applications that require sanitation, dry ice blasting offers an ideal solution for removing mold and mildew from substrates, walls, floors, and other surfaces.
  • Oil and gas
    The key to peak performance in the oil and gas industry depends upon clean electrical and process equipment.
  • Packaging 
    Dry ice cleaning increases productivity by eliminating unpredictable downtime caused by dirty, hard-to-clean packaging equipment.
  • Pet food
    Much like food production, pet food operations rely on dry ice blasting for cleaning production lines, storage tanks, packaging lines, adhesive and sealing equipment, mills, mixers, floors, walls, and more.
  • Plastics and composites
    Plastic molders use this method to remove residue and waste material from conveyor systems, mold, and extruder equipment; resin removal; polyurethane removal; and deburring plastic parts.
  • Printing Industry
    Dry ice blasting helps printers keep equipment clean, such as drums, grippers, rollers, sidewalls, ink trays, gears, print decks, guide escalators, delivery units, feeders, conveyors, gluers, and paper converting equipment.
  • Public transportation
    Dry ice blasting cleans equipment quicker by replacing time-consuming, manual cleaning methods using chemicals and water, which must be collected and removed.
  • Surface preparation 
    Prepare surfaces with a dry process that allows for immediate coating/paint application.
  • Textiles
    Dry ice blasting safely removes buildup from production equipment for woven and non-woven textiles.
  • Tool Die cleaning
    Blast cleaning extends the life of composite molds and tool dies by eliminating the need for harsh chemicals, wire brushes, and coarse pads.
  • Weld line cleaning
    Dry Ice Blasting can improve the efficiency and accuracy of automated weld lines. In addition, it removes slag and splatter buildup. See Cold Jet for more information.
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