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Dry ice blast cleaning is being tried successfully in many new and different applications every day. Don't worry if you don't see a use you may need listed below. Call around to see if someone else has tried it. Here are only some of the very successful ways dry ice blasting has been used:

Adhesives are easily removed compared to alternative methods because the lowered temperature serves to weaken the adhesive bond. Many companies are blast cleaning old labels off containers that are being recycled. Abrasive methods will generate heat therefore failing with some types of adhesive removal. Simple glue over-runs deposited on a conveyor belt can be dry ice blast cleaned while the conveyor belt is running.

Tool Die's Used in Manufacturing
Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is the best method for cleaning dies. The softness of the dry ice will maintain the critical tolerances of each die better than any other cleaning method. It can also be used when the die is still hot saving turn around time.

Fire remediation
Dry Ice cleaning is extremely effective in removing toxic residues, soot, and associated smells after a fire. Independent dry ice blasters often work with major insurance companies over a large geographic area to quickly clean fire and smoke damaged locations.

Food and Hospital Use
Dry Ice cleaning of the surface of products and instruments is not toxic and will stop the growth of mold, mildew and other fungi as well as stopping odors at the source by elimination of the bacterial host environment, instead of a masking agent or cover-up. Dry Ice cleaning is 100% ecologically safe, USDA rated, biodegradable and harmless to humans, animals and marine life. For an extensive review see the independent Contractors Report to the Food Standards Agency (114 page report) downloadable from ColdJet. Another report available that tested the disinfecting and cleaning ability of ColdJet dry ice blast cleaning equipment in the food industry is: Food Standards Agency Report, Microchem Bioscience Limited, 19/09/2004.

Mold Removal
Dry Ice Blast Cleaning has been proved highly successful with mold removal because the force of the spray of pellets can quickly wipe a surface clean. Many hours of time are saved. Not only is the mold removed but the top layer of wood that has the roots of the mold can be removed too. This will leave the  wood clean and mold free.

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Electrical Motors
Electrical motors windings can be best cleaned in place by dry ice blast cleaning. This process is done without any moisture and results in saving hours of time for drying. The cold of the dry ice breaks the bond of the contaminate faster than solvents or steam blasting. Only the contaminant needs to be disposed of as the dry ice evaporates into the air. The motor can be quickly heated to keep the cold metal from condensing moisture from the surrounding air when finished with the cleaning.


Cleaning Heat Recovery Steam Generators
Increasing the generating power of HRSG systems with regular cleaning has always been necessary in order to maintain efficient energy production. Dry ice blast cleaning not only accelerates the cleaning process but is superior to all other methods. High pressure CO2 blasting also cleans deeper and more thoroughly than any other method.
Precision Iceblast Corporation is the most experienced and the world’s leader in this industry. They contract to major power companies for this service all across the world. With properly cleaned input and output tubes, backpressure will decrease and output will increase, therefore producing measurable improvement in generated power . Contact Keith Boye for more information.

Experts in cleaning
HRSG Generators


Cleaning Printing Presses
Because of the precision nature of printing, it is important to keep certain parts and components continually free of foreign material for efficient operation and maintaining presses at their highest value. Owners must establish periodic cleaning and maintenance schedules of all printing machines to cut maintenance costs and provide faster setups and fewer re-run's. In a recent case, a printing facility was charged with an astronomical troubleshooting bill only to find out that the cause of the 'doubling' was due to clogged gripper pads. Just putting a CO2 blast cleaning machine in inexperienced hands may not be the best. Printing machinery is very complex, compared to most industrial machinery, and there are many parts that can be compromised through careless and negligent blasting. Therefore, a properly trained crew of CO2 blast cleaners will make the world of difference in the overall integrity of printing production.

Cleaning Live Electrical Energized Switchgear
Wickens, of Ontario, Canada offers utility companies the ability to clean their energized high voltage distribution systems with CO2 dry ice blast cleaning. This is a process that can be safely used on energized apparatus, avoiding costly switching procedures and associated customer power outages. Wickens works with voltages up to 28 kV, cleaning air insulated live-front switchgear cabinets, pad mounted transformers, transformer rooms, and vaults.

For additional information see: Wickens

wickens Dry Ice Blasting


Injection Mold Cleaning:
ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD of Switzerland has specialized in integrating its ASCOJET dry ice blasting technology into the production process of foundries and companies in the plastic industry. The powerful but gentle cleaning technology is highly recommended for efficient cleaning of molds without damaging or altering them.

All About CO2
Romanshorn, Switzerland



Other Popular Uses




Electronic/electrical control panels
Cable trays Motors/Stators
Printed Circuit Boards
Robotic Equipment


Hospitals Nursing Homes
Heating/Cooling Systems
Bricks Wood
Graffiti Decal Removal



Molding Equipment
Butt Welders
Process Equipment
Manufacturing Equipment
Ship Hulls
Automobiles Interiors
Printing Presses
Pulp/Paper Equipment
Oil Field Equipment
Boiler Tubes


Processing Equipment
Equipment Ceilings
Bake-Off trays
Packaging Areas and Equipment


Cigarette/Cigar Smoke
Beauty Salons
Waste Containers
Nuclear Decontamination
Fire Restoration

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